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While you’re enjoying the cooler weather, now is a fantastic time to schedule your spring maintenance check so you can plunge right into summer without worry. By opening the windows and letting in the cold air during the spring season, we don’t have to depend on our heating or cooling systems as much. Check out our spring maintenance checklist to ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly throughout the summer.

Checklist for AC System Maintenance in the Spring

The return of warm weather signifies the need for a maintenance check of your air conditioning system, just as spring announces the need to clean up around the home. When it’s 90 degrees outside, periodic maintenance might be the difference between damaged equipment and comfortable comfort.

In preparation for running your air conditioner at full blast this summer, check to see whether it’s working correctly by following this maintenance checklist:

Replace filters regularly

This is crucial for your unit’s smooth running! Delays in filter replacement might compromise your equipment’s functionality, resulting in failures or high electricity expenditures. Some current equipment requires filter changes on a monthly or quarterly basis, but always double-check the demands of your equipment, as they may vary! See your HVAC maintenance schedule to find out how frequently you should change your filter.

Clear the area around the unit of any debris

You may do some maintenance on your own by clearing any leaves, weeds, or plants that may be obstructing the unit. HVAC systems need to breathe. Always leave 3 to 4 feet surrounding your outdoor unit free of obstructions. You can guarantee that your equipment has proper airflow by cleaning it regularly.

Check the amount of refrigerant in the system

While there are certain things you can do yourself, you should always hire a professional HVAC contractor to do a thorough check of your unit’s specialized tasks. If your refrigerant levels are very low, for example, your unit may have a leak that has to be repaired right away by a professional. If left unchecked, your compressor may burn out, leaving you with considerably more costly repairs.

Belts should be checked

The blower and the motor are connected via belts in your air conditioner. Your air conditioner will cease operating if they wear out or break. It’s a good idea to get the belts examined before the summer heat comes in to ensure they’re in excellent working condition. Otherwise, you can find yourself waking up in a house that smells like an oven.

Have a specialist examine your HVAC

Your air conditioner is more intricate than it seems; the cold air that greets you as you step through the door is the product of numerous complex components working together. Thankfully, an HVAC professional can always ensure that your electrical components, thermostat, condenser, and motor are all in good operating order.

Northernair has provided excellent equipment and competent service to our clients for over 12 years – all at a reasonable price. The best way to guarantee that your system is in good condition all year is to have a professional do a maintenance check on it. You will recoup any money spent on upkeep by lowering repair expenses and saving money on your power bill if you maintain your unit is working at optimal efficiency via HVAC maintenance.

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